Leophotographer is a company specialized in organizing photo safaris & tours focusing on exceptional wildlife and nature photographic tours to some of the Earth's wildest and most scenic destinations, passionately prepared by photographers for photographers.

Through our experiences, we have built a strong product that offers our clients the best opportunities to photograph the most iconic wildlife.                          

Fotografando orche in Argentinachi siamo

A common complaint of those who have been on "ordinary" safaris is that much of the time is spent in camp and too little time is spent with the game and allowing situations to develop. We spend up to 10-12 hours in the field each day. This give us the opportunity to see a large number of species and to follow the unfolding story of wildlife as it happens.

Our tour costs are very reasonable and we offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality.





With an extensive travel background as well as academic qualifications in photography, the Leophotographer company plans the logistics and operations of every tour meticolously. We will only travel to destinations when the wildlife is at its optimum, ensuring you get to see the best wildlife sightings possible. Our extensive experience of the Africa, Asia, South America and our excellent network of lodges, operators and local guides means that you get the very best knowledge and information when researching your photographic destination. 


We currently operate in Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Rwanda and pride ourselves on providing a specialised, personal service to all our clients. Our main aim is to have our clients returning back to us for many years-ensuring we all have the pleasure of seeing the many wonders of the world's wildlife.





  1. Inside knowledge of the best locations and lighting conditions.
  2. A flexible approach that offer as much or as little attention as you require.
  3. Constructive post-shoot critique and advice session, whenever possible.